1. Do not scrub your confront with any exfoliating pack or scrubber a minimum of for next 5 days. This would aggravate your skin as it has already gone an extreme scrubbing routine throughout the facial.
  2. Do not utilize severe or sub-standard soaps and face wash. Thai Square Spa constantly recommends using a gentle and foam cleaning type face wash for your skin, before or after the facial.
  3. Do not steam the facial skin at all of the post-facial skin. Your skin pores are already open since of facial treatment and exaggerating steaming can lead to damaged capillaries or skin sensitivity.
  4. Do not apply any chemically enriched creams or sun block immediately after the facial. Rather you must not use any cream through-out the day post-facial treatment.
  5. Do not apply abundant makeup instantly after the facial. If you are preparing to attend some party, make sure that your facial is done at least 3 days prior to the celebration.
  6. Do not go out in the sun right away after the facial. Take a break that day and relax in the house after the facial.
  7. Do not forget to hydrate yourself. Drink a great deal of water or coconut water post facial.
  8. Do not go for any Laser treatment, Threading or waxing after the facial. Make sure that you get them done before the facial if such fundamental appeal treatments are due.

Do not play with your skin! You need to not play or touch with any zits or pimple if they have actually made it through the facial.

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