When it comes to tongue rings we most commonly see  the standard  single barbell in the center of the tongue. When it comes to body modification we don’t always see the normal everyday tongue piercing. Depending on your tongue you may be able to get multiple piercings, like many other piercings there are several variations of the tongue piercing.


Double center: The double center tongue piercing is just a slight variation of the traditional tongue piercing; it is two horizontal piercings done on the tongue.


Double sided tongue/off center tongue- This piercing is done on opposite sides of the tongue, or just one piercing off centered on the tongue. This piercing is a bit harder than the standard tongue piercing as this part of the tongue has thicker muscle tissue. This piercing can’t be performed on everyone; your professional piercer will let you know if this piercing is possible.


Stretched tongue ring– Stretching a piercing is one of the most commonly practices worldwide today, the tongue is not excluded from this category. Some body modification extremists actually go as far as stretching their tongues too. This is done like any other form of stretching by putting larger gauge jewelry in your tongue. You should see a professional piercer before deciding to gauge your tongue.