Considering the thought of getting a new piercing is much like when you first start dating.

Would I like to see this piercing every day?

Do I see myself living with this piercing in the future?

Should I put a ring on it?

There are multiple questions that flood your mind, making you wonder whether getting a new piercing is the best idea. Well, in this article we’re going to discuss whether daith piercing has the potential to become your new piercing partner or not.

So, what is a Daith Piercing?

A daith piercing is done in the thick cartilage area located above the ear canal. Since this piercing takes places on thick cartilage, it isn’t quite recommended for piercing beginners. Even though the pain of getting this piercing isn’t any more than other cartilage piercings, but the crunch sound of the needle and the pressure of it passing through cartilage can be a little distressing for most people.

Getting a daith piercing is a great choice if you’re searching for piercing that can be embellished with bold jewelry options. This piercing offers you the option to adorn it with a variety of jewelry styles that are different from the norm, making it stand out.

Here are a few things you need to about getting a daith piercing.

1. It Can Help With Migraines

Even though there is no precise scientific evidence that supports this theory, but anecdotal evidence suggests that a daith piercing can help relieve migraine pain. Many people who have gotten daith piercings suggest that they relieve migraine pain, even of those that suffer from chronic migraine pain.

The idea behind this is that the location of the daith is an acupuncture point that helps relieve migraines and headaches. So, getting this area pierced keeps this acupuncture constantly activated.

2. It Allows for Some Really Stylish Jewelry

The location of a daith piercing allows you to adorn it with some pretty cool jewelry such as hoops. You can get some beautiful clicker rings, or captive bead rings with pearls or opals, depending on the size of your inner ear.

If you are a fan of the beaded look, you can also opt for curved or circular barbells. Considering everything, you can go wrong with a daith piercing.

3. It’s Still Quite Uncommon

Cartilage piercings are quite the popular option these days. These types of piercings are not only super-adorable, but are also readily accepted by society. The daith piercing, however, is one of the lesser known cartilage piercing options.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, then a daith piercing is the ideal option for you. Whether you get this piercing on one ear or both, people will definitely notice!

All in all, the daith piercing makes for a super-fun addition to the cartilage party! Whether you already have cute little helix studs or have filled your cartilage with other bling, a daith piercing will contribute to a unique aesthetic!