Getting a piercing is one of the best and most popular ways of body modification. Not only do piercings look fantastic, but they also serve as an outlet for you to express yourself. However, while some people are always looking forward to their next piercing, others might be a little skeptical about this art.

So, if you are nervous about getting your first piercing, don’t be!

There are just a few simple things to know before getting a piercing.

1.     Know Your Piercing Specialist

The first, most important thing for you to do is to find a reliable and expert piercing specialist. If you get any piercings done by an amateur, you might have a more painful experience than usual. Moreover, an unskilled piercer will do an improper piercing which can lead to permanent disfiguring and scaring. So, always make sure to go to someone who has great feedback and reliable referrals otherwise you will just end up having a bad experience.

2.     Always Ask Questions

If there’s one thing you should definitely do, it’s asking your piercing specialist as many questions as possible. You should know about the piercing equipment they are going to use, how the equipment is cleaned and how long they’ve been in the piercing business. Getting a piercing is a big deal so you should gather as much information as possible.

3.     The Piercing Equipment Should Be Sterilized

Despite where you choose to go for your piercing, make sure that the piercing equipment is thoroughly sterilized. If a piercing gun is not cleaned properly, there is a huge risk of getting fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. So, make sure to inquire how your specialist sterilized the equipment or you can also make them do it in front of you.

4.     You Can Get Hypoallergenic Jewelry

If you’re nervous about getting a piercing because you are allergic to a few metals, don’t worry. There are many people out there who are allergic to different kinds of metals like nickel. So, if you know you’re allergic to any of them, make sure to inform your piercing specialist. They will make sure to insert safe jewelry in your piercing so that you don’t get any negative reactions.

5.     The Piercing Will Hurt For a Bit

One main thing you should be prepared for is that – your piercing will hurt! Piercings can be quite intense, but it really hurts only for a brief second or two. However, if you’re too nervous, there’s a chance that you might faint. So, make sure to inform your piercer if you’re overly anxious or nervous.

6.     The Soreness Will Remain For a Few Days

Even though the instant piercing pain will fade away within a few seconds, you can expect to experience some mild pain, redness, and soreness for at least a few days after your piercing. This pain can especially intensify while you sleep if you exert any extra pressure on it.

These 6 main things to know before getting a piercing will make the whole process of getting a hole in your body a whole lot easier!