The belly button is a sensual area of the body. It has become popular to adorn this area with stunning belly rings that are attractive. It draws attention to your abdomen and accentuates cute figures. Belly rings can be seen on runway models, which is actually how such a fashionable trend was started and has now become popular culture. The glint of a dangling and shiny naval piercing is hard to miss. There are many different styles of belly rings making it tempting to buy belly button rings to your heart’s content.

Just like shoes, you can never have too many belly rings!

Different Types of Belly Rings Include the Following:

  •  Dangle
  • Outie
  • Cross
  • Dermal

Dangle with Style 

A dangle style belly button ring typically has a curved barbell with a dangling design that hangs from the end. The piercing itself goes inside the belly button so that both ends can be seen, with the top usually consisting of some style of bead. The dangle style of belly button ring is considered to be very feminine and innocent. You can find dangle belly rings with many different styles, stones, colors and cute designs. This style of belly ring looks especially attractive on short torsos.

Enjoy Unique Belly Button Rings

If you are looking for a unique belly ring the cross belly ring is unique. It consists of one vertical and one horizontal barbell that looks like a cross. It can be very attractive with the right shape of belly button. If you have an outie belly button there are specific belly button rings for you. You can get a piercing that goes through the belly button itself, and not the rim. Barbell piercings are perfect for people with an outie belly button. You can also try spiral piercings that give you a wilder and unique look. Spiral piercings consist of a long barbell with a piece of spiral jewelry wrapped around the middle of the barbell, which is actually the middle of a belly button, as well.


Find a Variety of Belly Button Rings Online 

No matter what type of belly button ring you want to purchase, you are sure to find a wide variety of belly button rings online. With just a few clicks or taps you can order reasonably priced belly rings that are absolutely adorable. Purchase alluring designs that will match your favorite bikini for some poolside fun!