Are you planning on getting an eyebrow piercing?

As a fun, as it may sound, getting facial piercings, is a major commitment. Therefore, you must give it a proper thought before you walk into a salon and make a spur of the moment decision.

Eyebrow piercing is a trend that seamlessly goes in and out of style. It is a timeless piercing and comes back into fashion every now and then. Eyebrow piercing is common among both men and women, making it a unisex fashion statement. You can get it anywhere along the eyebrow, but it is mostly done just past the eyebrow arch.

Here is everything you need to know before you go on and get your eyebrow pierced.

The Proper Placement

Where you want your eyebrow piercing to be situated is a creative decision that should be made by you and your piercer. These piercings are usually done horizontally or vertically.

Vertical Piercing: Vertical piercing goes anywhere along the ridge of your eyebrow. It is typically a single piercing with two holes.

Horizontal Piercing: Horizontal eyebrow piercings are placed horizontally along the arch of your eyebrow. It is mostly done outside the corner of the eye.

In addition to these standard forms of piercing, you can also consider bridge piercing, multiple piercing, and anti-eyebrow piercing. Whatever you choose, make sure you discuss it with your piercer to understand what you are choosing.

Best Jewelry for Eyebrow Piercing

The type of jewelry you choose for your eyebrow piercing can affect its healing process. Therefore, instead of choosing the most aesthetically pleasing option, consider a few factors such as the size, the shape, and the type of metal.

While there are plenty of styles to choose from, experts recommend that you should start with a curved barbell. Choosing a hoop instead of a curved barbell when you have done just done your piercing makes it difficult for it to heal.

When it comes to choosing a metal, gold and titanium are the best choices as they tend to heal better and quicker than other metals.

You should wait for at least six weeks before you change the jewelry. It is important to get the jewelry changed for the first time after piercing by a professional only. A failed attempt at changing the jewelry can lead to trauma and can damage the piercing site. It will make the piercing difficult to heal.

How Much Does Eyebrow Piercing Hurt?

Eyebrow piercings are one of the easiest piercings to perform. Some piercers don’t even use a tool. A single needle does the job. Eyebrow piercings are also not very painful. Your eyebrow does not have a lot of nerves which makes the process even easier, simpler, and less painful.

How Long Does Eyebrow Piercing Take to Heal?

Successful healing of any body piercing is a difficult phase, but it gets easier when you choose the right jewelry and treat it right in the following months. Eyebrow piercing takes around 3 to 4 months to completely heal. Touching, hitting, or bumping it will hurt the healing process. Therefore, don’t touch the piercing site until it has completely healed.

These were some important things to consider before getting your eyebrow pierced.