Animal lovers unite! There are many different types of piercings with animal designs or pattern on them. One of the classic type of jewelry is Animal Jewelry. Most people have a favorite animal, and to be able to wear it as jewelry has been practiced for many years even during the early civilization. Early Egyptians made jewelry that had designs of snakes, dogs, birds, and many other animals. They believed that wearing these animal jewelry will bring them magical power and fortune. The Native Americans also used animal jewelry to help have good luck and fortune.

One of the most popular animal jewelry today is the snake jewelry. Snake jewelry has different meaning from culture to culture and it has changed throughout time. Some of the meanings are death, resurrection, wisdom, and fertility. In the Egyptian era the snake (or serpent) had the meaning of royalty and deity, while the Romans saw the snake as everlasting love. During the Victorian Age, Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria 2 snake rings to represent eternal love and life for each other.

Another popular animal design jewelry is the dog. The dog has always represented loyalty and trust. It is where the phrase “Man’s best friend” comes from. It is also said to represent the bond between a human being and an animal. The ancient Egyptians used the dogs as protection and were used to fight off evil spirits.

Remember to always buy your animal jewelry or any other type of jewelry from a reputable seller. And always consult your piercer before changing into any new piercing jewelry.