The world of piercings is ever-evolving. Popular trends include ear piercings tunnels. This is not exactly a new type of piercing. It has actually been around for many centuries in Asian and African cultures. Recently it has been popularized within the body modification community in the United States. A few years ago, ear tunnels would have been a career debilitating option. Since ear stretching has become more popular and mainstream it is now acceptable to wear ear tunnels at work. This form of body modification is growing strong among men and women.  Whether you prefer to go for a subtle stretch or dangles that are eye-catching you’ll need to find the perfect ear piercing tunnels.

The First Step When You’re Considering Ear Stretching 

In order to properly stretch your ears, you will need to follow careful instructions before and after the process. You want to make sure that you don’t cause any damage while stretching your ears so it’s important not to skip tunnel sizes. You can start by buying a kit online. First, you want to consider what you really want. Sizing is imperative considering when you go beyond a size 00 or 0, it’s not possible for your ears to return to normal without surgery.


What Type of Tunnels Should You Purchase? 

The first tunnels you purchase should be made from a material that is safe for your body such as titanium or surgical steel. Fresh stretches are comparable to fresh piercings. You do not want to put silicone or acrylic in a fresh piercing. This will ensure the tunnels that you are using our completely safe and healthy.


Know the Difference between Gauges and Tunnels 

If you are going to have your ear stretched, it is important to understand the lingo. An ear piercing tunnel is not called a gauge. An actual gauge is a unit of measurement. When stretching your ears your referrer to gauges in relation to the size of the stretch. The jewelry that allows you ears to be stretched is the actual tunnel. After all you’re not gauging your ears, you are stretching them.


Try Different Styles of Tunnels

While your ears are still being stretched try different styles of tunnels available for purchase online. There are many unique styles and colors that are sure to make you happy. You can even find flesh colored tunnels that will easily accentuate your style without breaking your budget!