Make That Style Your Own! Piercings Make Incredible Statements of Style!

Piercings can really become an obsession to many people. Body piercing in general is almost like a special, little, world-wide subculture encompassing people across the spectrum. Jewelry is one thing; nearly every person on the planet wears one form of it or another. Body jewelry takes this love further, and allows the wearer to get extremely creative and expressive with how they choose adorn themselves. Having the freedom to express oneself, as they choose is a wonderful thing. To be able to exist in a society where acceptance of public displays of body art are entirely tolerated is something we should not take for granted. Having the freedom to express ourselves in such ways is a gift, because not too long ago, say 30 years ago, people with multiple facial piercings would have been looked at as freaks. On a similar note, that was definitely part of the Punk movement, in addition to embracing art and expressing oneself in a nonconventional manner.

As Artistic As You Want to Be!

Always known for having cutting edge style, runway models have also been known to don a piercing or two. Models, especially on the runway, are icons of style and image. They work intimately with designers to cultivate wearable art, serving as the canvas of which a designer will show off their newest creations, like walking sculptures. It comes as no surprise that models use this artistic advantage to their own benefit. Erin Wasson has charmed fans and catwalk audiences alike with her pierced nipples, Gisele Bundchen has been known to love body jewelry- showing off piercings such as her navel, cartilage, and tongue over the years.

Gisele Bundchen's Alternative Ear Piercings
Erin Wasson Making a Statement

Christy Turlington was the very first to show off her adorned belly button on a runway, Jamie King rocked the runways and editorials with pierced nipples, Candice Swanepoel has flaunted her pierced nipples in editorials, and the lovely Agyness Deyn has been featured on the cover of LOVE with several ear piercing and a bold piercing of bridge- so uncharacteristic and brazen of a top runway model.

Agyness Deyn and her Hot Pierced Bridge

Art is something that moves people no matter what. Not to say that all art moves every person, but I guarantee almost every one is moved by some form of art. When people treat their bodies as their canvas, as their surface for creation, it is definitely a beautiful thing. This notion is what I believe inspires people to continuously get pierced.

Individual Beauty: Piercings Can Be Anything You Want Them To Be

Piercings can make for great conversation, as well as awesome accessories. You can match or contrast to your outfits, make bold statements, and really get some attention with body jewelry. And as popular as piercings are, it seems that everyone wears theirs differently. For instance, consider all the different ways to have your ears pierced. For those who dig piercings on the ear, they may go crazy and get a variety of different spots pierced. They may alternate the holes they wear jewelry in. They may continuously push the limits on how far they can stretch their ears. Either way, there are limitless options. Some days, only a full face of jewelry will feel right!

Do it Pretty: Plugs and Cartilage Piercings- with Lots of Style

Piercings can be incorporated into any style. Whether you keep up with all the current trends and styles, or you’re more minimalist, if you are a model-type or a punk rocker, piercing can be done artistically and make the statement you’re looking for.

Even Snow White Looks Good With Piercings!