A navel or belly button piercing is one of most popular body piercing, which has gained prominence only recently.  Though the reasons are unknown for its meteoric popularity, but it is supposed to create sensuality.  Navel piercing came to limelight in the 1990s, when supermodel Naomi Campbell floated her belly button ring in a fashion show. After that, thousands of girls flocked to the piercing parlors to catch up with the trend. Belly button piercing has become as common as ear-piercing and tattoos.  The surprising element is that belly rings are extremely popular with the girls in the age group of 16-19.

There might be different reasons for a girl to wear belly button rings and the reasons may vary from individual to individual; one might sport it just to make herself attractive; another gets it pierced to follow the latest fashion trends and someone else would like to flaunt it to exhibit her sensuality.  It conveys a lot about your personality and style statement, when it comes to body piercings. One can wear different kinds of rings and bars as per the latest fashion trends.  If you are a novice and wearing body jewelry for the first time, you are advised to wear a carved barbell. Once the piercing gets healed, you are ready to choose from a treasure of innovative, trendy and beautiful rings and bars available in the market for your belly button.

Belly Button Navel Rings

Though navel piercings are a way to flaunt the kind of fashion trends, which make the midriff and navel look seductive and attractive, there are some risks associated with it and the first and foremost is the skin infection.  If you do not follow the proper guidelines, these piercings may cause hepatitis and HIV as well. This type of bacterial infection can cause cysts which can develop into full fledged blood poisoning or toxic shock; it can also cause scarring. As we know skin tissues rarely match the surrounding tissues after healing. It heals in different forms since the damage leaves its marks on the pierced area.

If you ask an American girl about the belly button rings, she will certainly tell you that it is just sexy. Belly button piercing can have gold belly button rings, cheap diamond rings and dangling belly button rings. If you are planning to wear belly rings and are not sure what type of belly button rings would look good on you, then you can surf the Internet and find pictures of beautiful belly rings. Basically, these are the pieces of jewelry used to decorate the navel and say to the world that you are proud of your body. These rings come in circular shapes or curved barbells with innovative designs. The materials used for them are usually surgical steel, solid 14k gold, silver, titanium and other metals.