Body piercings are fun and excited, do you remember that feeling that you had when you got your first piercing? You were filled with excitement and joy and couldn’t wait to change the jewelry into something of your choice. Well when it comes to changing your body jewelry you have to make sure that your piercing is completely healed. Once your piercing has healed which can typically take anywhere from 3- 6 months, you should be able to change the jewelry. If you are unsure about changing the jewelry on your own, you should see a professional piercer, it would best to go back to the piercer that pierced you to have your jewelry changed. No matter what type of piercing you may have whether it be a tongue ring, belly ring, labret lip ring, or any other piercing all body jewelry has end beads that screw on and off for removal of the jewelry. These end beads tend to be small and a lot of times people loose the end beads trying to change their jewelry. So one important thing about your body jewelry collection is to always have a selection of extra end beads just in case you loose a few your piercings wont close up.


One important tool to add to your body jewelry collection would be the ball grabber, the tool is made to pick up the end beads so that the can be steadily screwed on to the jewelry, rather than using your hands and running the risk of dropping the ball and loosing it. This ball end grabber is used by professional piercers and is now available for our customers to use right at home. Don’t lose another end bead get your end ball grabber today!