There are many types of ways that your nose can be pierced but the most common is the nostril piercing. The nostril piercing has been around for centuries, the nose ring was mentioned in the book of Genesis when Rebekah married Abraham’s son Isaac. Instead of the traditional rings given at marriage, the nose ring was used as a symbol of marriage amongst Middle Eastern tribes as well as African tribes. During the 16th century the Middle Eastern Emperors introduced the nose piercing to India the females in India wore the piercing on their left nostril as it was believed to relieve menstrual and labor pains. During the 1960’s and 1970’s Hippies that visited India adopted the culture of the nostril piercing and it began to spread amongst the United States and Europe and the nose piercing was now associated with the punk rock culture. Now both men and women pierce their nostrils, not being specific as to which side to pierce because it’s more of a fashion statement or form of self expression, than it is a religious ritual. has all of your nose ring accessory needs. If you were interested in having your nose pierced here is a video for you to watch on the process.