Since 1944 National vegan day has been celebrated November 1. Vegans celebrate the entire month spreading knowledge and awareness of eating a clean diet. The vegan diet is not a complicated one at all. If the items come from an animal, they do not eat it for example no meat, and no dairy, eggs, etc. Vegans also stay away from items that were made from animals such as leather goods. Many people become vegan as they are concerned about what happens to the farmed animals, the way they are treated and raised as well as them having to be killed for food. Eating a plant based diet can be better for our environment as animals need so much land water and nutrition, and fruits and vegetables do not need as much to be grown. Growing fruits and vegetables takes about 1/3 of the resources that animals do. So what happens on national vegan day? Vegans all over hope to touch the lives of other people around the world to educate them on plant based eating. If you are not a vegan and are interested in becoming one there are some great things you can do in the month of November to donate to the cause: Volunteer at a local animal shelter, organize a fund raiser, or bake vegan goods and let your friends and family see how good life is on a plant based diet. For those that are pierced there are natural wood and stone ear plugs, tunnels, tapers and stretchers so that you can continue to be all natural. Take a stand this November and try to go vegan for 24hours, let us know how it goes!