Image by @heidicupcake on Instagram

When your style is as important as your personal branding statement, taking the time out to coordinate your piercings and the jewelry with the look you are going for is a must. For every occasion, getting ready (GRWM!) requires finesse, focus and inspiration. In this article, I’ve pulled together some very polished looks to help you get inspired for any occasion. The beautiful and stunningly original ladies below show us how it is done!

Polished Glam

Going to your cousin’s rehearsal dinner with the whole fam? The famous Cecconi’s brunch with the girls on Sunday morning and need to dress to impress? Sonjdra has the perfect, look for any event you might have that requires a bit of dressing up that is still open to each individual’s styles- so just about any event that inspires dress to impress style would welcome this look with open arms.
A delicate septum hanger for the septum paired with the clean and classic medusa piercing is a modern style favorite – the combination manages to remain feminine and surprising light (READ: Not overcrowded!) for most face shapes and styles. Try this combo pair for your next special event that reeks of polished glam.

Everyday Chic

Who says every day has to be monotonous and dull? Never! Not with these style gurus around! Heidi pairs here medusa with a simple sterling silver infinity ring for her nostril. The key for any pairing of facial piercings is to keep it simple. Like Heidi, keeping it “everyday chic” means that it has be to easy to wear for you on the daily, or you’ll dread having to create this look instead of feel easy breezy
about it on the fly. Fresh understated makeup makes a perfect base for this piercing duo and the tousled updo shows it all off.

Rock n’ Roll

We’re not talking about piano concerts. I’m talking about the new wave, baby! Attending Coachella? Thrifting through Miami’s hip Wynwood Art District? Nothing makes a bold style statement than staying true to your own unique style. This look above is so stylish yet classy – we have come so far from the days when the word punk rock was synonymous with grunge.
Another dynamic duo, Septum piercing meets Monroe. What a stunning pair? And done oh-so-right by this beautiful babe. Bold eye makeup and edgy hair style take center stage so coupling this look with a soft gold mini horseshoe and spot on diamond labret was a great choice to balance the look instead of overwhelming her narrow,angular face. Try this look for your next Trocadero music affair.

Holiday Romance

Valentine’s Day was just around the corner but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be celebrating our very own special events, such a first dates, engagements or a special reunion. I chose this look with Sonjdra again because…well, she’s just so darned stunning to look at. And those glossy red lips paired with a simple medusa piercing is exactly what I would do for a special dinner with the boo. Anything that helps accentuate my lips is going to be of value when flawless makeup and flowing locks is the look I am going for.
Romantic dinner look- mission accomplished. Boy, eat your heart out.

Your Style, Your Look

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.
-Rachel Zoe

Whenever there are bold components to any style, less is more. Choose one piercing that you want to dress up or compliment with make up, hair or clothing but don’t do ALL of them at once- You are stunning and your style is what you want to show off, not hide behind. We are blessed with having endless options to dress and style the way we want- even our piercings. Using your facial piercing to complete and compliment your style signature is a fun way to flex your visual creativity muscle all while developing your own brand. Good Luck, Ladies & Have FUN!
Not sure which jewelry these ladies used to achieve their flawless body jewelry style? Don’t worry, I picked out a few from the Body Jewelry Online Store that are both affordable and adorable so you can experiment and create your own unique look. Do send me pics from your next big event…if you got it, work it!