In the 80’s when punk and rock was at its peak a certain type of lifestyle began to emerge: Grunge. It is the edgy, gritty, and almost dirty lifestyle and fashion. Although it has been around for almost 30 years, in the past few years it has recently become a more and more mainstream lifestyle. Most of their fashion came from the very popular rock and punk bands from the 80’s. Many have classified the music as sounding like a dirty guitar with heavy strumming.One of the most known grunge bands is Nirvana. Many people believe that the revival of the grunge look is due to the economic recession happening around the world. They say it portrays the economic hardship that many people are going through at the moment.

Grunge prides itself in knowing “Indie” bands and disown them once they become mainstream. They put very little effort into their appearance and have a strong “don’t care” attitude. Their fashions sense consisted of dirty ripped jeans, flannel shirts, and gritty t-shirts. Their rebellious fashion has earn them a name in the fashion industry and it is currently one of the fastest style of clothing growing. The fashions is often shown with a gloomy mood of colors such as black, grey, or faded colors that have lost their brightness. Many department stores and clothing stores have began to change their fashion styles to fit this revival of grunge. Grunge also accessorize, to go along with their dark palette they wear mostly black and grey colored jewelry. Also they accessorize with large crosses as rings, necklaces or earrings, as well as with skulls.