Perhaps you have a job in a profession that doesn’t appreciate piercings. This shouldn’t stop you from having piercings especially if you enjoy adorning your body in this manner. You can still enjoy your piercings while ‘hiding’ them from site so to speak. One of the most popular piercings is the nose piercing. Of course if your septum is pierced you can either not wear your piercing while at work, or choose a flesh-colored retainer. However, nose rings along the shell of the nostril require a retainer nose ring. Retainers are the perfect solution for hiding piercings that would otherwise be impossible to conceal. This gives you the ability to maintain the integrity of your piercing so it will not close up.

What Exactly Is a Piercing Retainer? 

A piercing retainer is typically body jewelry that is clear and made from either acrylic or bioflex plastic. It can be inserted into a nose piercing to conceal the fact that you have a piercing. It may not be 100% possible to make your piercing invisible, but a body piercing retainer is the next best option to completely downplay your nose piercing. You can find nose piercing retainers in many different shapes, sizes and colors. You can even find them in skin tones or clear plastic so you can purchase the perfect option for yourself.

Don’t Risk Ruining Your Nose Rings

Nose ring retainers also keep you from ruining your favorite nose rings. Now you don’t have to try to remove the ball and cover the area with a Band-Aid to pretend you don’t have a piercing. Retainers are the easiest and safest way to camouflage nose piercings without ruining your jewelry.

Concealment Safety Should Come First

Trying to conceal your nose ring any other way other than using a retainer spells trouble, and safety should come first. Retainers typically come with domed or flat disc-like tops that will blend into your skin making it seem as if your nose piercing doesn’t exist. You can also find different colored retainers made of glass or metal. They can be worn just like regular nose ring piercings so you don’t have to change your jewelry often. Once you no longer need to conceal your piercing retainers are easy to remove so you can go back to wearing your normal nose piercing pieces. Get the of retainer you need by shopping online today.