When you think of ear cuffs you may think of fashion from the 90’s, and may think of it as an old school jewelry trend. This may not be so true, ear cuffs are a great way to give the look of cartilage piercing without being pierced. Ear cuffs can give the illusion of several piercings.  The ear cuff has been an extremely popular summer fashion trend. Why? Well we all know that there is a commitment after a piercing to take care of it and a cartilage piercing can take a while. So to get the look of the piercing both men and women are using ear cuffs to accessorize. Ear cuffs come in all shapes, styles and sizes from vintage to modern designs. There are many different materials and variations of the ear cuff check out some styles with chains and connect your ear cuff to your lobe piercing. Really make a statement this summer with a stylish ear cuff.