Ear piercing are the most common type of piercing that body modification fanatics get. There are many different types of ear piercings. Today, we will talk about the lobe, industrial, and the modified industrial. Before we begin, make sure you have done research and found a reliable body modification shop. Make sure your body modification expert has experience with the piercing you are thinking about to get. These key factors are very important when deciding to get a piercing.

The first type of piercing is the ear lobe piercing. This is a very common and easy piercing to get. It is generally done on the fleshy part of the ear lobe. The method that the body modifications expert will use will vary from place to place, but no matter the method, they are all safe and the lest painful as possible. The healing time will also vary but the general consensus is between 6-8 weeks. Most ear lobe piercing can be decorated with an ear stud or an ear hoop. If one decided, they can also gauge their ear in order to be able to wear plugs or tunnels. Before considering stretching the ear lobe, make sure you piercing has completely healed and you get a confirmation from your body modifications expert.

The next piercing that this post will cover is the Industrial. The industrial piercing is defined as two or more piercings joined by one long barbell. The most common place for the industrial is the top part of the ear. Usually enters through the front and exits out the back, piercing two places the front curve and the back curve. The healing time that should be allowed for the piercing is between 8-16 weeks. Due to the piercing of the cartilage it take more time for it to completely heal. Industrial piercings can be decorated with many different of industrial barbells. Always make sure your piercing is completely heal before thinking about changing the jewelry.

The last piercing that we will cover is the modified Industrial. The modified industrial can be described as an industrial but with a slight change on where the piercing is done. instead of a straight barbell there may be a customized jewelry for your modified industrial. If you make your industrial exit out the back of your ear instead of on the curve of the ear, you will need to find a body modifications expert who will prepare a jewelry piece and has the experience for a modified industrial. There are some industrial piercings that will not need a customized . For example, the industrial via the rook is an industrial barbell the comes in through the top of the ear, pierces the rook of the ear, and then pierced the bottom curve of the inside of the ear.

When thinking about changing your jewelry for you piercing, make sure you always buy it from a reputable seller. Always consult your body modification expert on how and when to change your piercing.