Fashion is constantly changing and as fashion changes so does jewelry. The latest craze in fashion has been feathers for quite some time. In the past 2 years, due to the Hipster movement and the Hippie fashion, feathers have been transitioning to jewelry again. Hipster and Hippies have been attracted to the feathers for their organic and nature feel to them. Women everywhere are accessorizing with as much feathers as possible. From feathers in the hair, to feathered earrings and feathered belly rings. This growing trend has come up with intuitive ways to use the feathers and show them off. The feathers can range from many different types as well as with many different kinds of designs. There are real feathers such as peacock feathers which have been used in both earrings and belly rings. Also, there feathers with polka dots on them, as well as feathers with just solid bright colors. Don’t be left out on the trend and get yourself some feathered body jewelry! Always make sure your jewelry is top quality and it is bought from a reputable seller.