Body piercings are commonly associated with being bold, fierce, strong, and even being wild – at least starting from the past few decades. You can see metal heads, hot chicks, all sporting their piercings proudly. However, it is also commonly associated with pain.

Not that it’s an unfounded belief – getting a piercing in certain parts of the body can surely make you cringe – it’s just that, showing of a body jewelry doesn’t always have to be painful.

Thinking about having one done? A first-timer in the world of piercing has many questions and doubts. Scared of the pain but loving that septum ring? Tired and lazy to do the aftercare? Not getting one because of parental or religious beliefs? We understand your concerns. Getting one done is not a walk in the park. It needs physical, mental and emotional preparation.

Enter one clip alternatives. These fabulous inventions are just what you need. Say bye-bye to that painful procedure of manual piercing. Gone are the days that you need to agonize for weeks just to strut your stuff. No worries of infection whatsoever. With these choices, you can totally rock that piercing that you’re dreaming of!

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The Basic Wear

For the non-piercer, clip on earrings are in style. They are one of the oldest clip ons and are still at it. This simple style is a two-part piece attached on the back of the earring. Mechanical pressure is used to hold the earring in place. Just a slight pressure. I’m sure anyone can handle it. It beats the real deal, having four to six weeks healing, anytime.

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If Magneto had a piercing

Magnetic studs were designed for you. It simulates the look of having a stud earring but with no holes! It attaches to the earlobe with a magnetic back that holds the earring in place by magnetic force. Looking like a rocker with no big holes to worry about.

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Who says you can’t have pleasure without pain? Tell that to the nipple clips. Feeling a little bit naughty? You can totally add this to your bucket list. Known for being sensual, they also function as a jewelry. They just clip in place and are adjustable. Now, you can attract anyone, anywhere, worry-free!

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You’re not screwed

If you’re looking for a fake body jewelry that could be adjusted according to your pain tolerance, then ear screws are best for you. You just screw it onto the lobe and voila! These are also for people who find clips too painful.


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Freeze! You are under arrest

Instead of your hands being cuffed, it’s your ears! Ear cuffs wrap around the cartilage for that tight fit. If it’s wrong to look good with an ear cuff, then you might as well be guilty!


As you can see, there are a lot of styles to choose from. No need to get out of your way just to imitate the feel of having a piercing. Choose the best style that is perfect with your personality. One thing to remember is to check for the material if your allergic or not. The rest, is up to you.

Feel free to browse our store to see what fits your style, without enduring the pain!

Here’s a few from our non-piercing collection if you are interested in testing out these looks!