Flesh tunnels are the latest trend in the body piercing jewelry, they are also known as spacers. Flesh tunnels are like hollow tunnels which are used for stretched piercing. Gauging earlobes means gradually stretching the standard size of earlobe piercings to a large diameter; this is not like traditional piercing, in this, the hole is enlarged by stretching the tissue by causing micro tear and the hole is kept open till the micro tears heal completely. Once the healing is done, the process can be repeated till the required size is achieved. The most important thing to be kept in mind before going through this process is that once you stretch your earlobes, you can never return it to the original size of the hole.

Flesh tunnels must be used carefully; excess of expansion can cause tearing of corners. Once the stretching is done properly you can wear stylish and flashy ear rings and ear gauges. These tunnels are made up of surgical steel, titanium, gold, crystal, glass, etc. and are decorated with various colored stones, gems and beads. They are available in various designs and sizes in the market, so as per your requirement you can choose from a wide variety of range. Gauging earlobes is a lengthy process, as it takes time to change a small hole into a big diameter without any pain and scab. Few things should be kept in mind before getting into the process like clean jewelry should be used for gauging and the equipment should be lubricated before using so that it easily slips in the existing earlobe. The earlobes should be cleaned with warm water and anti-bacterial soap before wearing the flesh tunnels.

The flesh tunnels were originally worn by different tribal groups all over the world but with the change in the time now they have become a symbol for style statement. Now flesh tunnels are the latest trend in the body jewelry. Ear lobe gauging provides a large diameter hole in the lobe, where you can wear any kind of jewelry. With proper care and by using good quality of body jewelry anyone can get a taste of this new trend. There is a vast range of jewelry available for stretching earlobes like rings, hoops, barbells, plugs, etc. Gauging earlobes is not a difficult task but it involves a lot patience and time.