Halloween is an awesome time to channel your inner fashionista. Whether for the main event – getting spooky on Halloween night – or just for the fun of it, there really is no season better set up to accommodate your weirdest fashion fantasies. All you have to do is think it, create it and wear it, don’t worry we’ll be right on hand to adore and cheer you.




For all piercing enthusiasts gunning for a spectacular showcase this Halloween, we’ve got something special for that extra bit of flair and regality; its faux body jewelry! And in case you’re wondering what faux jewelry is, this stuff has been around since time immemorial. You just didn’t take notice

  • All the fun with no strings attached

Faux body jewelry pieces allow you to rock your favorite piercing style without actually getting a piercing. Yeah you heard that right no need for needles, aftercare or all the other extras that comes with visiting a piercing studio. Simply select your choice jewelry piece and get on with it already.

How is this possible? Where does the jewelry piece hang on to, are questions you may ask. Well, with faux jewelry, staying in position is a matter of magnets, like in faux earrings, or some other neat design trick. Don’t worry though they won’t let you down in your hour of Halloween glory.


  • Endless choices to make

When it comes to jewelry styles and make, what you get with faux body jewelry, much like actual body jewelry pieces is an immensely diverse range of body jewelry options. There’s something for everyone and come Halloween; our artfully styled Halloween collection is guaranteed to light up the place. From skulls to spiders, to flames, to stars and even pentagrams we stocked up the best faux Halloween body jewelry pieces to inject all the mysticism and spookiness your Halloween needs to remain unforgettable.

  • What to look out for

Devil pitchforks are the rave right now! Either as industrial barbells or eye-catching labrets these jewelry pieces keep it simple yet sophisticated by presenting the evergreen symbol of all things Halloween – the devil’s pitchfork – in a sleek and fashionable package.

If you want a bit of that sexy factor, then heart rings crafted with the horniest of intents is just what the doctor (read: piercer) ordered. They’re the perfect fashion compliment (or standout Halloween fashion accessory if you like) for anyone gunning for that naughty and kinky look

On the trending list also are gothic-styled labrets accessorized with the Halloween imagery of your choosing. Want a skull hanging down there, or a cross to match your edgy person? Just say the word, and it’s yours.

Of course, there are more styles and jewelry option where that came from, however if you’re looking for a surefire hit you can’t go wrong with these. For the best part all faux Halloween jewelry pieces available in our collection meet the gold standard for durability and premium quality. Just what you need to get your Halloween pumped up and kicking! Check these out