Ask anyone familiar with the piercing game, and they’ll tell you that body piercing is an intricate art. And like all things delicate, it requires a fine measure of skill, experience, professionalism, and dedication.

Only excellent piercers have these traits in their locker rooms, but not too worry. In this article, we will show you how to go about finding the perfect piercer with all the skills to make your next piercing job nothing short of a memorable experience.

Recommendations are the best way to start

Great piercers leave lasting impressions, and the best way to know which piercer projects the best reputation in your locality is to ask around for recommendations. Recommendations could come from anyone who has been in the business of piercing for a long time; friends, family and even work colleagues.

If no one in your friends/family/workplace circle manages to come through with any valuable advice then you could turn to online message boards. Reddit, for instance, has a very active body piercing community. Make sure to make a list of all the names that stand out. You’ll need it for the next phase of your search.

Making the decision

Once you have a list, you can work with the next step which would be to visit each piercing studio. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for on your trip.

  • Equipment don’t lie

One of the first things you’ll notice about a piercing artist that’s worth his/her mettle is the extent (and quality) of their toolshed. Skilled piercers know that high-grade equipment are just as important as skill when it comes to conducting perfect piercing jobs. As such, they won’t spare any cost in purchasing this equipment, and it’ll show. When there’s an apparent shortage of essential piercing tools, that’s a red flag you should never ignore.

  • Cleanliness

They say cleanliness is next to godliness but for piercers, it goes past just being close to God. Cleanliness is one of the factors that guarantee faster healing times and a piercing experience that’s free from complications. Check the walls, the equipment, floor, and ceilings. If it irks you out by any measure, then it’s not the perfect piercing studio

  • Piercing certifications

The best piercers go the extra mile to get themselves certified in various piercing related fields, so make sure to look out for APP, CPR, First aid certifications. These certifications are an indication that a piercer possesses the required expertise to undertake the procedure for which they bear a certification in the most professional manner.

  • Previous jobs

Most professional piercers keep a work portfolio that shows what piercing they’ve been able to conduct in the past. Go through it to get the hang of their style and proficiency. It’s better if the artist has undertaken a piercing similar to yours in the past, this way you get to have a sneak peek of how the piercing would look on you.

After reviewing all the piercing studios on your list with these criteria in mind you should now have a top spot to get your piercing done.

Booking an appointment

Most studios allow clients to get piercings on an on-demand basis. However, from experience, it’s usually a better idea to schedule an appointment ahead of time. This way everything that needs to be set up will be set up correctly and perhaps more importantly set up to your specifications. Once you’ve booked an appointment, and the D-day is set congratulations, you’ve chosen a piercer wisely.