Have you always been a fan of body piercing and thinking of getting one of your own? Perhaps, you have always enjoyed how a nose ring looks, or love the fashion statement that labrets make when a person is expressing their style. If so, there are many options to choose from when you want a facial piercing to accent your face. One popular piercing, especially with women is Monroe piercing rings these were named after the famous star Marilyn Monroe. A lip piercing that is placed often on the right side of the face above the tip to mimic Marilyn’s beauty spot that was on her cheek. While the piercing can be stylish, it is important to know how to care for the jewelry to prevent a problem from occurring that can affect how the piercing heals.

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Aftercare of a Lip Piercing

• The professional body piercer, who does the piercing should provide information on how to care for the opening afterward.
• Follow the directions the body piercer provides to reduce the risk of the area becoming infected.
• Make sure you have plenty of supplies such as alcohol-free mouthwash and anti-septic medication or a fragrant-free soap for cleaning the outside of the piercing.
• Wash your hands before touching your Monroe piercing ring to prevent the transfer of bacteria.
• You should not apply any ointments, creams, or oils to the area as this can clog your skin.
• Do not slide or turn the jewelry to loosen any crust that forms around the piercing this can tear the skin and cause bleeding.
• Watch for signs of an infection such as swelling, redness, higher temperature, or your skin hot to the touch. If you notice signs of a problem and general care is not relieving the symptoms immediately contact their body piercer for their advice or consult a medical professional.
Purchase Sterile and Quality Products


One important factor to consider when having a body piercing done is the type of jewelry that will be used. The body piercer should use sterile piercing jewelry to help promote proper healing and to prevent reactions to the material used. However, once it has healed you can switch the jewelry out for a more fashionable one. You should consider the products offered by BodyJewelry.com that are created from high-quality metals and plastics to help avoid an adverse reaction to the material.