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Pros and Cons of Internal and Externally Threaded Body Jewelry

Fundamentally body jewelry comes in two forms, threaded and unthreaded. Unthreaded body jewelry are those devoid of a secondary decorative piece that needs to be fastened to the jewelry shaft. They usually come in one piece, and examples include French hook earrings, Pop-fit labret studs, hinged rings, captive rings and the likes.

Threaded body jewelry are those which require a thread to attach the decorative end of the jewelry body to the shaft that will be inserted into your piercing; most barbells (straight, circular, bent) fall into this category. Typically the jewelry shaft and decorative end have complimentary male and female part that fit snuggly to each other. The male part is the thread or screw, while the female part is the designed to receive the male part.  It is the relative positioning of the male (i.e. the threaded part) on either the shaft or decorative end that defines whether a particular jewelry is internal or external.


Internally threaded body jewelry features a configuration where the female part is positioned on the shaft that fits into the piercing thus bearing the complementary end that accommodates the male part which in this case is fitted with the decorative piece.



In externally threaded body jewelry, the threading or male part is located on the shaft of the jewelry that fits into the piercing while the decorative end bears the female part, which the shaft screws into.


Internally Threaded Body Jewelry VS Externally Threaded Body Jewelry

Traditionally an internally threaded body jewelry is more expensive to purchase than externally threaded body jewelry. This is due to the fact that during the manufacturing process of internally threaded body jewelry it is more complicated to place the female part of the fit into the shaft without affecting the structural integrity of the jewelry. To achieve this manufacturers employ sophisticated production techniques and as a result, charge more for it.

Because of the location of the thread in an externally threaded body jewelry, insertion into a fresh piercing is nothing short of traumatic, as the jewelry is sure to graze the delicate soft tissue that is just beginning the process of healing. Internally threaded body jewelry are designed to prevent trauma or increased pain to your fresh piercing, and unlike externally threaded body jewelry they pass smoothly without scarring surrounding body tissue. A feature that is not only critical in minimizing pain but also in ensuring that the piercing heals faster and without any complications.

Internally threaded body jewelry also have the advantage of being more comfortable and soothing to the ears. Because they are devoid of threads, they are less likely to irritate or cause abrasions to piercings. Externally threaded body jewelry, on the other hand, run the risk of scarring piercings especially during periods of sustained movement. If you engage in exercise and other rigorous activities, it is advised that you stick to internally threaded body jewelry.

As a result of the crevices located on the shaft, externally threaded body jewelry also run the risk of carrying and harboring foreign pathogens that have the tendency of being infectious especially when the piercing is fresh. Internally threaded body jewelry, are devoid of these sort of crevices that harbor bacteria and as such are highly recommended for new piercings

Consequent of the fact that manufacturers employ precision crafting techniques in the production of internally threaded body jewelry, they feature a better build quality and are more durable than their externally threaded counterparts. It is not uncommon to see externally threaded jewelry lose their fit with time; this is highly improbable with internally threaded body jewelry.

In terms of convenience, it is relatively easier to piece the parts of internally threaded body jewelry than their external counterparts. This is because in internally threaded body jewelry it is simpler to maneuver the decorative end piece, which bears the thread to fit into the shaft. In comparison, because of the usually miniature profile of the end piece, it is often difficult to position the thread located in the shaft to fit into the receptive end located in the end section.

From the stated points it is easy to deduce that internally threaded body jewelry outclass externally threaded ones in all ramifications. Except cost is an issue, as an individual looking to get a new piercing, internally threaded body jewelry is your best bet as it rids you of the several complications externally threaded body jewelry posit.

Internally threaded body jewelry is the future of body piercing, and it is with this view that the Association of Professional Piercers has taken the stance of recommending them over externally threaded body jewelry.




Internally Threaded Jewelry

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Externally Threaded Jewelry

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