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Steph Simpson

Lip piercings are, in our opinion, to be some of the sexiest and most versatile and attractive piercings in the entire world. And because of this, and much more besides, those with lip piercings, or who happen to be thinking of getting a lip piercing, find themselves facing a good kind of dilemma, as they find themselves spoilt for choice as to which lip piercing they should actually get. Obviously lip piercings penetrate the lips, or lip, and surrounding areas, and are considered to be one of the less painful parts of the body to have pierced. There are many, many different kinds of lip piercing currently available, which means that finding the right style, piercing, and jewelry for you has never been easier. When choosing a lip piercing however, there are a number of considerations you need to take into account, as there are risks associated with infection, pain, and of course, your personal and professional life. If you’re on the lookout for lip piercing inspiration however, take a look at these handy tips as to which style could be best suited for you.

 Single lip piercings – Single lip piercings are, as the name suggests, just one single piece of jewelry, usually a stud, although they can be paired up with another to create different styles and finishes etc. Some popular examples include:

 Monroe piercings – Named after the beauty mark found on Marilyn Monroe’s face, this piercing is located on the top left hand corner of your lips.

 Labret piercings – This piercing is located directly in the center underneath your bottom lip and is the most common form of lip piercing. You can opt for a ring or a stud.

 Madonna piercings – This piercing is the same as the Monroe, except it is located on the right instead of the left.

 Medusa piercings – The Medusa piercing is the same as the labret, except rather than on the bottom of the lips, it is located on the top.

 Jestrum piercings – Jestrum piercings are similar in style to Medusa piercings, except that with Jestrum piercings, you pierce the actual flesh of the top lip and the piercing makes its way through the lip, and comes out in the same location as a Medusa piercing.

 Vertical labret piercings – With vertical labret piercings, these piercings are basically the same as jestrum piercings, except that rather than the piercing going through the top half of the lip, the piercing instead makes its way out of the bottom lip instead.

 Bite piercings – Bite piercings are often two studs located directly next to each other, leaving a pattern similar to those you could expect to see if you were to be bitten by a certain creature. Common examples include:

Spider bite piercings – These piercings consist of two studs located on either the bottom left, or bottom right of the lip.

 Shark bite piercings – These piercings consist of four studs, two on the left, and two on the right. They are the same as the spider bites, except you have them on both sides rather than just one.

 Snake bite piercing – Snake bite piercings consist of symmetrical studs, or rings, located on both sides of the lower lip.

 Angel bite piercing – Angel bite piercings are virtually identical to snake bite piercings, except they are located on the upper lip as opposed to being located on the lower lip. If you think of a combination of both a Madonna piercing, and a Monroe piercing, you basically have an angel bite piercing.

 Dolphin bite piercings – Dolphin bite piercings consist of two centered piercings located on the lower lip, just above the chin. They are located very close together and often consist of short spiked studs as opposed to typical standard studs. Some people choose to have them slightly lower, and some people choose to have them slightly higher.

 Canine bite piercings – Canine bite piercings consist of four single piercings located on both sides of the lip, both on the upper lip, and the lower lip. If you think of a combination of both, angel bite piercings, and snake bite piercings, you basically have a canine bite piercing.

 Healing times – On average, it takes around 8 – 10 weeks for a piercing to fully heal itself, although swelling and pain should subside after just 4 – 6 weeks on average. As the mouth is literally the perfect breeding ground for bacteria (warm, dark, moist) taking special care of your lip piercings is absolutely essential, so bathe them regularly with appropriate solutions, don’t touch them unless you have to, try not to get food in/around them, and keep them as clean and as well maintained as possible.