Throughout history there has been records and pictures that indicate that during ancient times there was the practice of piercing male or female genitalia. The purpose of these ancient piercing have always been in question, some say it is to enhance sexual arousal, while others say it is a symbol of power and authority. What ever the case, genital piercing are still in use today and becoming more and more popular as time goes by. There are some common myths surrounding the idea of piercing a genital. The most common one is the idea that genital piercings will prevent sex, this is false. The main reason many people today get genital piercings is for the sexual arousal and pleasure.

The most common piercing for a male genitalia is the Prince Albert. It is the most common as well as the favorite among piercing fanatics. The appearance of this piercing can be serious. Many people who first look at it, have a slight look of concern. The piercing can be performed on circumcised or uncircumcised men. The piercing is fairly simple due to the fact that most of the channel is already there. The piercing goes through the urethra and out the bottom. Many men who have done the piercing are actually surprised at how painless it is. The most common remark about the piercing is the fact they the tube goes through the urethra and it is slightly uncomfortable, but that is because men are not used to having something enter through the urethra. The most common jewelry for a Prince Albert is a captive bead ring. The usual starting size for a Prince Albert is 12-10 gauge and 5/8″ or 3/4″ in diameter. The piercing tends to heal completely in about 4 week. Always ask your body modifications expert about when and how to change your Prince Albert jewelry.


The most common genital piercing for a woman is the Vertical Clitoral Hood. This piercing is the most common in women due to the comfort it allows and the easiness of its procedure. This piercing is done vertically on a fold of skin above the clitoris. The jewelry will sit on top of the clitoris, thus that is where the piercing gets its name. The reason why this piercing is also the favorite among women is because due to the jewelry contact with the clitoris when there is any stimulation around the area there will be a more direct stimulation to the clitoris, causing the woman to have sexual satisfaction. Like the male piercing, this piercing takes about 4 weeks to heal and it is virtually painless. Most women comment that they feel a pinch for a few seconds, but then the pinch goes away and they comment that it feels good right away. The common jewelry for a Vertical Clitoral Hood is a curved barbell, horseshoe, or a J-Curve style jewelry. Always consult your body modifications expert when deciding to change your jewelry. And remember to always buy your jewelry from a reputable seller.