Steph Simpson

Celebrities find themselves in the limelight as it were, and in the public eye on a daily basis – it comes with the territory. Like it or not, that is the price you pay for becoming famous, and sadly, it also means that they find themselves under constant scrutiny and constantly having every single aspect of their lives, including their physical appearance, critiqued virtually every single day, providing of course, that they still happen to be relevant. When it comes to their appearance, a lot of celebs nowadays have tattoos and piercings. Whilst a few decades ago, piercings were primarily associated with females, nowadays men are just as likely to have parts of their bodies pierced as women. Male celebrities for example, are especially fond of piercings it seems, as there are a number of male celebs who have pierced their bodies over the years, and still proudly flaunt their jewelry to this very day. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next piercing, or whether you’re simply curious about which celebs have which body parts pierced, here’s a look at a few of the more famous and high profile male celebrity piercings.

Harrison Ford – When it comes to piercings, the most common location for an earring or a stud is, and has been for many decades now, the earlobe. Earlobe piercings aren’t anything new and are certainly not that uncommon, even amongst males, but the thing that really drew people’s attention to Harrison Ford’s ear piercing, was the fact that the man is now classed as an OAP, yet still had more “swag” and style, as it were, than people that were literally 60, even 70, years younger than he was. Whilst the piercing is subtle and stylish, the fact that a man of his age can pull off the look so perfectly, is testament to the fact that, with the right attitude, the right aura, and the right appeal, age is only a number. OK, we know he’s Han Solo, but even so, there aren’t many pensioners who can pull off an ear piercing as flawlessly as Harrison Ford, so for that sir, we salute you.


Ne-Yo – Around 6 years ago or so, it seemed as if you couldn’t switch the TV or radio on without having some Ne-Yo song playing, and whilst he may have fallen off the radar slightly in recent years, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be back, and probably better than ever. We aren’t here to talk about his music career however, we’re here to talk piercings, specifically, male celebrity piercings. So, which part of his body did Ne-Yo have pierced that drew so much attention to him? Well, in actual fact, it was his chin as his chin stud drew a lot of attention to him, and mainly for the right reasons it has to be said. Social media went crazy when images of his chin stud first emerged, with many people agreeing that the look actually really suited him, as a chin stud is certainly not an easy look to pull off.

Chris Brown – Whilst the man has grabbed a fair few headlines over the years, mainly for the wrong reasons it has to be said, he is still a celebrity and he does still have some pretty great looking piercings, it’s just a shame about his actions and his behavior, huh? Well, as far as piercings go, Chris, not too long ago on his personal Instagram page, revealed a nose piercings that actually looked pretty rad. Although some people online mocked him and made negative comments (negativity on the internet, surely not!?) the general consensus was that his nose jewelry choice was fantastic, and really suited him.

Tyrese Gibson – For those of you who happen to be fans of the Fast and the Furious series, you’ll all no doubt be familiar with Tyrese Gibson. Some of you more hardcore fans of his, will even remember him from his “sweet lady” days. Well, in actual fact, it was during his sweet lady days, when Tyrese used to proudly flaunt a facial piercing of his, one which was located directly underneath his bottom lip. Whilst the piercing looked pretty awesome, those of you who know Tyrese, will know him as a friendly, happy, nice guy, which is why the piercing didn’t go down too well with all of his fans. His chin piercing was more of a “bad boy” type piercing, and as Tyrese is anything but a “bad boy” you know, because he’s actually a nice human being with morals, a sense of humor, and ethics, the piercing was almost considered a contradiction.