Getting a piercing is one thing, giving it the best treatment and care that’s another thing entirely; one you must commit to if you’re serious about taking your piercing from a ‘surgical incision’ to a fitting work of art. For that, you’ll need an aftercare solution and while there’s a truckload of formulations out there all bearing the tag of ‘aftercare’ very few actually care for your piercing as they should.

For the best results, our all-new pCare Pro Piercing Aftercare solution is formulated using a blend of nature’s finest ingredients is just what the doctor ordered. Don’t take our word for it? Here’s an industry vetted overview of what you stand to gain when you use an aftercare solution that contains Dead Sea Salt, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, and Tea Tree Oil.

  • Deep and Soothingly Refreshing Cleansing

Healing piercings are supposed to be dirt and microbe-free areas, but as you know daily activities and the healing process itself means your piercing will continually get exposed to foreign particles. A sea-salt and tea-tree oil-based aftercare solution like pCare Pro eliminates both microbes and dirt effectively. This keeps your piercing optimally clean ergo promoting the healing process.

You might be thinking why not an antiseptic or a standard salt solution. Well, regardless of the dirt and pathogens, your piercing is still very delicate and sensitive. You need something that’ll kill the germs without hurting your skin, and that’s exactly what our Mediterranean Sea Salt Solution does for you.

  • Faster and Better Healing

PCare Pro helps your piercings heal at much more faster rate by providing it with the essential nutrients that are critical for this process. This is possible because PCare Pro contains Aloe Vera amongst other things. Aloe Vera has been dubbed a miracle plant for years, and it’s easy to see the reason why.

Aside from promoting faster healing, Aloe Vera extracts ensure that the healing process proceeds normally and without any complications. Fast and complete healing is essential because it is a prerequisite for changing old body jewelry (what came with your new piercing) to new and more stylish alternatives.

  • A Painless and Stress-Free Healing

That’s thanks to a water base that’s both pure and hypoallergenic. PCare Pro, unlike your typical aftercare mix, is made from purified water that’s free from practically all known skin and body piercing irritants. So, if you have sensitive skin, rest easy knowing that this was made with you in mind.

  • Finally, a Persistent and Flawless Glow

Many people have come to associate piercings with scars and blemishes, and you can’t really blame them; with inadequate aftercare (or the use of poor aftercare preparations) comes scar formation. The vitamin E component of pCare Pro makes sure that your piercing completes the healing process with minimal to null scars or blemishes.

Vitamin E is a natural extract famed for its ability to stimulate lost tissue replacement. For your piercing, this translates to actual tissue replacement as opposed to fibrous tissue replacement – the basis of scar formation. When your piercings heal in this manner then congratulations, you’re well on your way to having a perfect and attractive piercing.