Getting yourself a new piercing is a great way to look trendy and stylish. Be it an ear, nose, eyebrow, tongue, or a body piercing, taking good care of a piercing is crucial. If you keep delaying its cleaning or ignoring the symptoms of infection that may arise, it may lead to several inflammations, causing further damage to your skin. To prevent infection, you need to learn a few piercing dos and don’ts.

 Piercing Dos and Don’ts

Here is a list of dos and don’ts you need to know regarding a new piercing.

1.      Avoid the use of alcohol or peroxide a

Since isopropyl alcohol wipes and peroxide are easily available at most pharmacies, people tend to use them to clean their new piercing. However, alcohol and peroxide are too harsh for your sensitive skin that involves a new piercing. Instead of using these irritants, you can simply use saline solution to clean your new piercing. Also, you can wash it using a gentle cleansing soap and cold water as it can effectively remove all the dirt without causing any irritation to your skin.

2.      Keep your hands clean

You need to know that your unwashed hands are a source of bacteria that are accumulated throughout the day. Very often, people start cleaning their new piercing with unwashed hands which can further deteriorate the condition of your skin. Therefore, you should thoroughly wash your hands with an antibacterial soap to kill germs before cleaning your piercing.

3.      Avoid wearing metal jewelry

A lot of times, metal jewelry consists of traces of nickel and lead which can be very detrimental to your health. Some people are allergic to the jewelry composed of these materials. To avoid the risk of developing an allergic reaction to your piercing, you should avoid wearing metal jewelry that contains these harmful ingredients.

4.      Good hygienic practices

Piercings require maintaining a set of good hygienic practices. For example, if your body usually sweats a lot, you should regularly take a shower to avoid piling up sebum in your body piercing. Similarly, if you have oily skin, you need to wash your face very frequently to avoid the risk of oil build-up in your facial piercing.

5.      Avoid playing with your jewelry or piercing

It is very common to see people playing with their hair or excessively touching their faces when feeling anxious. Similarly, many people like to play with their piercing or its jewelry for fun. However, it can lead to bleeding, tear, or even an infection. Hence, it is recommended to avoid playing with your piercing or its jewelry as it can damage your skin and cause further compilations.

A new piercing brings a significant change to your skin and body, making it susceptible to potential infections. Hence, it’s always better to make use of suitable products for cleansing and cleaning followed by a good skincare regime. Moreover, you need to test out a few jewelry pieces on your old piercings before trying them on your new piercing. In case you are allergic to any material, you could simply avoid using it on your new piercing and save yourself from any skin issue.