Earlier, rings mainly used to be connected with a marriage proposal. But now, with the change fashion terms, the meanings have also been redefined. Just imagine a boy going to his girlfriend with belly ring for marriage proposal! Won’t it be hilarious? Actually this is because the world in changing. Now, some things that used to be followed due to culture are now loosing importance as fashion is over powering them. Now, rings are not traditionally adorned but adorned due to the fashion.


Many would say, how does it hardly mater behind the purpose, the thing is it is still liked by people. It’s true, that the things that were earlier adorned due to cultural or traditional reason are now liked because of fashion, but and they still exist. The change is the looks of the jewelry is modified. Let’s compare some of the things:


Toe Rings:

Toe rings have been the glory of married women as they signify the well-being of their husband. This means,toe rings used to be worn by married women. But now, these are styled by many girls & boys. The designs of the rings are also so trendy. Although to support the fashion, the jewelry designers are also coming up with great designs in different patterns & materials.


Belly Rings:

In several cultures wearing a chain across the belly were used in order to ensure that they remain slim. These chains used to be worn under the clothes. But with the changing time, it started fascinating the people. Now girls adorn it above their clothes. Moreover, some girls wear short tops or blouses in order to expose their tummy styled with belly chain. Now, the designs have been experimented a lot with. These chains have turned to small belly rings or navel stud. As per younger generation, belly rings add on the grace of the beauty.


Tongue Rings

Tongue rings are the accessories, which was not at all a part of any culture. This has been invented by the fashionable and bold youngsters of today. The youngsters are adopting bizarre fashion styles to create their unique fashion statement. It is due to their preferences & likes that gave birth to such accessories.


These are just few, there are several other rings, which are much liked & loved by today’s generation. It is due to them that the world itself seems to be decorated with jewelry.