It’s 65 Days of Summer Left…

Fall is fast approaching once again and we’re down to 65 days of summer before the leaves turn brown and the chance to flash your less visible piercings begin to diminish. So. were taking advantage of our 65 days of summer with music, culture, and athletic festivals. There are so many awesome festivals going on all summer long and we love them because it gives us a chance to display all our beautiful body piercings in a fun, daring setting. Most festivals have a theme but the underlying feel of open expression and acceptance is the same. We encourage you to take advantage of the the remaining summer and go rock your body jewelry at your local summer festival.




We’ve got all sorts of body jewelry to choose from, so you’ll certainly find something to fit your style to get you ready for any summer festival. Get inspiration for your look by checking out some of the amazing body jewelry products we offer below that will have you festival ready in a flash:

This is for the People of the Sun

Make sure you are ready to shine with the sun with your body jewelry of choice. Many summer festivals take full advantage of the longer daylight hours of sunlight so we’ll pay homage to the sun. Many culture, past and present have solar deities, such as Ra and Horus, Helios, Atum, and many more. The sun gives us life and light, and what better time to celebrate the warm rays than summer.
Try the Sunflower Charm Belly Chain – This 14 karat gold plated sun charm belly chain will be sure to dazzle in the light. Or the Graphic Sun Screw Fit Steel Plugs – The Playa gets the direct heat from the sun, rock the Graphic Sun Screw Fit Steel Plugs (sold as a pair) come in 7 gauge sizes, offering a pop of color. These pieces will remind you that in the light of the summer months, we live from our hearts to the fullest – no holding back!



When summer nights fall, it’s time for the daring and bold to light up the night with glow in the dark and UV body jewelry. To really stand out from the crowd during the evening, get a glow in the dark tongue ring – if nothing else it’ll be a conversation starter and looks cool at every word.. Furthermore, these glowing barbells can also double as nipple rings!


Dream catchers and feathers have been popping up everywhere these days. For those of you who do not know : Dream Catchers are a part of Native American tradition that is used as a spiritual filter to “catch” negative dreams before they enter your dreams. Bad dreams of the person who hung the dream catcher above their bed get caught in the web, where it is quarantined until morning while sweet, delectable dreams slip through the web and trickle down the feather. Cool, huh?

Follow your dreams and join the fun while wearing this gold dangling dream catcher belly ring! Or if you’re up to it, you can take it to a higher level. This set of dream catcher nipple shields is definitely eye-catching. Burning Man is not a place to be shy, show off your nipple rings!


Tree Of Life

The tree of life bears eternal fruits and many eco-friendly festivals encapsulate eternal optimism and shared community, the idea that we are all one.  Rock these Tree of Life Antique Gold IP double flared ear tunnels. It’ll definitely get you into the spirit of making new friends with the deep symbolism carried by this spiritual symbol. The trunks, roots, and leaves all represent an aspect of our lives : nurturing, healing, growing, breathing…in ancient Egyptian tradition, Isis and Osiris were said to have been birthed directly from the Tree Of Life. Most cultures have some reference to a Tree Of Life, all with slightly varying meanings.
Try 14-Gauge Industrial Piercing Barbell that has pink CZ gems and a removable tree of life charm or any one our beautiful devotions to the Tree Of Life. Body jewelry with this symbol on it is a cool, no-fuss way to remember the pouring out of love and spirituality felt during so many summer festivals.


This year, make your summer count by experiencing your local and national festivals by being bold, free and fashionable. Open yourself up to the world full of good vibes and make this upcoming moment a truly unforgettable one with your own twist in style to share the bliss. Get yours today!