Body piercing is gaining popularity. Now not only young but old people are also going for such piercing. As such, body piercing is not only concerned with the traditional piercing of ear, but also other body parts that encompasses cheeks, lips, and belly buttons. It’s quite unique form of jewelry fashion.

Apart from latest fashion boom of piercing we have observed that there is a long history of ritual tongue piercing in many cultures all over the world. It’s known from the illustrations of priests piercing their tongue and then either drawing blood from it or passing rough cords, designed to inflict pain, through the hole.

Many people depict piercing of such sensitive part of body to honor the gods in Mesoamericans Aztec culture. Piercing the tongue has a long history in religious and performance practices also. Islamic Fakirs and Sufis from the Middle East, and Asian Spirit Mediums of the Far East practiced tongue piercing as an offering and proof of trance state. The ready availability of high quality, surgical steel barbell style jewelry is associated with the emergence of this piercing in the 1980s.

Tongue Piercing

Also note that the tongue piercing is not gender specific, it was not created specifically for just a man or just a woman. Popular names for tongue piercing include tongue ring, a misnomer, as only rarely are rings worn in tongue piercings. Permanent or long term piercing of the tongue is part of the resurgence of body piercing in contemporary high standard society. As with many piercing innovations, the origin of this piercing is associated with Gauntlet, the first professional body piercing studio in the United States, formerly located in Los Angeles, California.

Tongues are pierced with straight barbell style jewelry. Because of the frequent movement of the tongue, jewelry size and comfort is especially important. Now days we can see most of the youngsters adore this as a sexual appeal and fashion taboo. Barbells that are too thin and are prone to migration, causing discomfort and irritation. Various machines are not invented for piercing sensitive skin of tongue with less or no pain. Tongue piercings can often be easily stretched to accommodate larger jewelry. It is possible to stretch further to diameters beyond 10 mm. A lot of decorative pieces in form of rings and beads for tongue are now available in stores.

Another popular tongue frenulum piercing or the tongue web piercing is a body piercing through the frenulum underneath the tongue. These piercings are relatively simple piercings, and heal quickly, although they do have a tendency to reject over time. Aftercare for tongue frenulum piercings can be more complicated than most other piercings. So if you have a passion and courage then go ahead and flaunt your style get your tongue pierced.