Are you ready to make a statement with your piercing? Most people choose to get their ears pierced making here is the most popular part of the body to be pierced. However, nostril piercings have become the second most popular place to have your body pierced. Nostril piercings in the Western culture have been primarily for aesthetic purposes. For most people, it’s all about the jewelry.


You Should Only Wear Proper Nose Rings 

After you have had your nose pierced, you should only wear proper nose rings. If you were to try to wear an earring as a nose ring you would find that the post is too long and it can be quite dangerous to wear in your nostril. Normal earrings meant to be worn in your ears call for a bulky back that can’t be used inside your nostril either. Instead, you should go online and order the proper size nose ring from body jewelry retailer that provides a wide selection of jewelry.


A Look at the Ring for Nostril Piercings 

There are a few different types of nostril piercings, one being the ring. You may not have known that the placing of a piercing on your nose will determine the size of ring you will need to wear. If the piercing is placed higher upon your nose you will require a larger ring so it will fit right. If the angle is steep it will cause a nose ring to stick out much too far from your nose. Nose rings in general work well while your nose piercing is trying to heal. Rings require careful planning in regards to the height and angle of the placement of your piercing.

Nose Piercings Represent Your Beauty and Your Strength 

Nose piercings are perfect for both men and women. Whether you are trying to release your inner beauty or manliness, and nose ring is the perfect way to express it. There are many nose ring options available as well. Choose from nostril screws, l-bend jewelry, threadless, fishtail, hoop, curve, septum and nose bones to name a few. Consider purchasing new nose piercing jewelry for special occasions or to honor the birth of the baby or personal accomplishment. It’s the perfect way to express yourself and your own true style. You can affordably adorn your nose with quality piercings and jewelry when you conveniently shop online.