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Image by Laura Leth on her Blog

If you are anything like me, Instagram has been your go to source to grab the next fashion, beauty, or fitness inspiration. Unlike magazines and the runway, scrolling through Instagram and seeing people just like me trying new trends in a very real, every day kind of way makes it that much easier for me to reach for that trend and try it out for myself. One of the trends that really stands out to me is the return of the facial piercing to media trends.

Once considered to be the signature staple of punk rockers everywhere, I was surprised to find that the women sporting this ancient body modification were not all punk rock, but rather they were the entrepreneurial women of the internet with a knack for modern beauty and personal style. To clarify, I have nothing but love for the extreme piercing lover; the versatile contrast that piercings demonstrate among various styles, both extreme and trend, is my focus and desire in this article.

Let’s visit the beautiful and creative Instagram stars that have helped revive the facial piercing trend in mainstream media. For these rising stars, the piercings are not just an extension of their own creative expression, but as a part of their personal branding strategy. With a much more wearable, softer look than the tougher piercing counterpart, modern facial piercings are a new symbol of boldness and business sass.

Lips Service

In the recent years, filling and plumping lips have been such the rage among women. With fillers and cosmetic surgery readily available, it is no wonder that full, luscious lips have taken center stage. With unpredictable results, painful repeat injections and over-filling as a common downside, these beauty mavens below have found a creative solution for accentuating their lips with a creative approach that is just so darn beautiful – no chance of “swollen duck pout” here, except maybe during the healing process which can last 7-14 days for most.

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Image by Sonjdra Deluxe on her Blog

Medusa (Philtrum) Piercing: The Medusa Piercing is centered directly above the upper lip over the cupid’s bow, creating an immediate centering effect. This piercing can help create a visual center for any face shape and visually plumps the upper lip by accentuating and creating contrast for the dimensions of the dip in the cupid’s bow. This incredibly feminine piecing is absolutely one of my favorites, along with the thousands of other women who donned the piercing, such as make up artist star, Sonjdra Deluxe.

Ourfa Zinalli

Image by @OurfaZinali on Instagram

Inverse Lip Piercing: This exotic beauty, Ourfa Zinali is another MUA (Make Up Artist) who is the epitome of the modern inverse lip piercing. Her lips are perhaps the most noticeable and sought after feature, as she get hundreds of inquiries about it on her social media. With a centered inverse lip piercing, Ourfa often combines dark, matte lipstick with a curved barbell. The contrast between the dark, rich lip color with the sparkle of the jewel adorned barbell gives the illusion of an even plumper lip.

The Nose Knows

Remember when the teeny tiny, one sided nose stud was just about the only wearable piercing you could think of when it came to nose piercings? Well, those days are over, thanks to these ultra femme stars who sport the modern septum piercing as a part of their daily beauty regimen. This is how the “bull ring” got the ultimate modern makeover.


Image by Laura Leth on her Blog

Septum Hangers: Whether it’s retro pink lips or smoky eyes, Laura adorns herself with various Septum Hangers for an instant stand-out-from-the-crowd effect. The result? An exotic addition to compliment any style.

Septum Hangers come in a wide range of lengths and styles and don’t require the commitment to the piercing itself. The non piercing style of Septum Hangers blend seamlessly and are feather light for daily wear. Switching out your non piercing septum hanger is a breeze.

Make up by ISabel

Image by @MakeUpby_Isabel on Instagram

 Traditional Septum Piercing:  Looking for something that is…well, a little more permanent? Then this classic septum piercing has been updated to  modern chic, thanks to Instagram stars such as Make Up by Isabel. Using a horseshoe shaped barbell in a finer gauge, the “bull ring” is softer and sexier  than ever. Just by using a finer, petite jewelry you can achieve a center focusing midline that is softer version of this piercing. Using gold jewelry can also  soften this piercing to be your go-to fashion statement for your next night out.

Eye See You…

In the last year or so, eyebrows have become a huge focus for fashion and beauty. With the skinny, over-arched brow out of the spotlight, fuller brows and their respective piercings have come back with full force and high impact.



Image By @Amnda_alxndria on Instagram

Traditional Eyebrow : This piercing can be worn in so many ways with almost endless variation of jewelry AND other facial piercings. The traditional eyebrow piercing is an amazing way to emphasize your arch and brow definition. This is quite possibly the most face friendly piercings available; it looks great on just about every face shape, brow type and style. Model Amanda Alexandria compliments her other piercing with this face framing eyebrow piercing adorned with a curved barbell.

Jerralee Fierce

Image by @JerraleeFierce on Instagram

Anti Eyebrow : We talked about the traditional eyebrow piercing, so naturally I have to include the very appropriately named Anti-Eyebrow piercing. This piercing is done on the outer edge of the eye, typically the area that is highlighted when light hits the cheekbone. This piercing gives an instant runway cheekbone effect with its strategic placement. Using a jewel embedded curved barbell, you can achieve double the spark and style. Miami’s Jerralee Fierce wears hers to open up the eye area and give herself well defined cheekbone. Who doesn’t want defined cheekbones?

Inspired by the Modern Facial Piercing

Have these ladies inspired you to go out there and give into the itch you’ve had to try something new? The modern make under of facial piercings is completely wearable and downright helpful in achieving the look or style we desire. Using facial piercings to accentuate, center and plump our features is a well utilized side effect of the modern facial piercing. With the right jewelry to compliment the look you’re after, you too can dare to be bold and have your own personal branding statement.

We’d love to hear which piercings, jewelry and styles inspired you or if you have a look of your own, share it with us. Tell us why you chose it and how you incorporate it into your daily, personal look book. Need some more inspiration for body jewelry? Check out what’s new for the latest styles for body jewelry.