Celebs in Bikinis Showing Off Their Sparkling Belly Rings

Summer is almost here! If you’re a body jewelry fanatic, just like us, then you are probably as excited as us! Warm weather means that there are so many great reasons to show off your piercings, especially if they are located in places, such as your navel, that would be hidden most of the time out of season.

This summer, the trendiest types of belly button rings are definitely sparkling danglers, ethnic danglers, sexy titanium banana bells, and cute designs like festive dolphins. Dangling belly rings never go out of style. It seems almost everyday, new styles hit the market, destined to make your piercing that much more exciting.

Jeweled, dangling navel rings can add so much to your beach look, accessorizing your bikini with hardly any effort, and the result is maximum attention! Right now, more subdued styles are prominent, and even for a jeweled belly ring, the look is not to go overboard. A single, dangling string of jewels will achieve this look easily.

Exotic designs, like hand-painted beads and skulls and feathers designs show off your more unique side. These are the types of designs that will really draw some interest, as most people in the crowd are not wearing them yet!

A Hot Martini!

Nothing quite arouses the summertime mood like images of warm weather. There are so many beautiful pieces adorned with palm trees, dolphins, flowers, shining suns and stars, and even an adorable dangling martini!

Titanium body jewelry has become quite popular in recent years. Perhaps for its durability, its safety, the lightweight feeling, or maybe for all the interesting colors and looks that can be created when its anodized. Perhaps all of these reasons, including how gorgeous titanium looks when paired with jewels, can attest to why everyone should own a few pieces of titanium body jewelry in their collections! As for belly button rings, a colorful, jeweled curved barbell will look amazing this summer, and really show how up with the times you are. Is your belly ring ready for summer?

Rainbow Titanium + Jewels is an AMAZING Combo!