Dermal anchors have become very popular over the past few years, dermal anchors are an awesome way to accentuate a new tattoo or just to add a little bling to your body. Dermal anchors are a piece of jewelry that is implanted into the skin after a tiny hole is created by a piercing needle or a dermal punch. The dermal punch method is preferred as it has a faster healing time and tends to be less painful than the piercing needle method. The portion of the jewelry that gets implanted into your skin is known as the base, this is usually the most painful part of the piercing, but it is over before you know it.

Like any other piercing you can expect blood, and bruising, the blood and bruising may be a bit worse with the dermal punch but with proper after care you shouldn’t have a problem. The after care for a dermal is not different from any other piercing, the new piercing should be washed with antibacterial soap at least twice a day, a warm salt water soak should be done daily as well. Always keep your piercing clean and never touch it unless your hands are clean. Many people tend to play with the dermal which can cause infection, its best that you do not touch it unless you have to.

Once your new dermal piercing is actually healed and it’s time to change the dermal tops to all the colors and designs that is really when it gets fun. Dermal are a great addition to a tattoo or as a standalone piercing. From spiked tops, to your typical jeweled top you can do almost anything with a dermal piercing. Before you consider getting a dermal piercing its best that you shop around for the best professional piercer to do the job. This is not your typically piercing and you want to make sure that it is done properly.