One of the main concerns you may have before getting a body piercing is how much pain you will experience. While there’s no limit on how inventive you can get with a piercing, certain piercings may be more painful than others. However, this depends on certain factors like your nerve endings, skin thickness, and your pain threshold.

If you’re wondering where you should get your next piercing because you’re scared of pain and discomfort, then don’t! Even the most painful piercings can be done with minimal pain –if you have a well-trained and skilled body piercing specialist.

Here are some questions about where certain piercings fall on the pain scale and which popular piercings are the least and most painful.
Do All Piercings Hurt?

The pain that occurs due to different body piercings is highly subjective. It depends on the type of piercing you get, the piercing location, and the pain threshold of an individual. Despite how intense or painless a specific piercing might seem, the actual piercing process takes a couple of seconds.
Which is the Least Painful Piercing?

Earlobe piercings are considered to be the least painful piercing of the lot. This is mainly because they are done on a fleshy portion of your skin. Eyebrow piercings, belly button piercings, and even most oral piercings also surprisingly fall on the lower end of the pain scale. Most people claim that the pain is quite similar to that of having your blood drawn.
What Piercing is the Most Painful One to Get?

There are a few piercings that many individuals consider to be quite painful. However, this shouldn’t stop you from getting one because it depends on your pain threshold. Daith piercings are rated as somewhat painful because the needle goes through the cartilage of a rather sensitive part of the ear. Dermal is another type of piercing that is also considered to fall higher on the pain scale because an entry point has to be made on the skin’s surface.
Which Ear Piercings are Most Painful?

Ear piercings are generally considered to fall on the lower end of the piercing pain scale. However, the pain incurred during ear piercing varies, depending on the area of the ear that you’re getting pierced. Earlobe piercings are the most pain-free one, while piercings that are done on parts of your ear that contain cartilage tend to hurt the most. Rook piercings are claimed as one of the most painful ear piercings due to the thickness of the cartilage.
Do Nose Piercings Hurt?

Nostril piercings fall somewhere in the middle of the pain scale. While you may think that they are going to be quite painful, they typically hurt less. Nostril piercings are much like a brief sting and are slightly more intensive than a lip or ear piercing.

If you’re a newbie deciding on what piercing to get, don’t worry! The key to having a great piercing experience is finding a skilled and well-trained piercing specialist.