The nose ring is one of the most common piercing aside from the ear lobe. This piercing derives from many centuries ago and holds significant cultural meaning amongst certain nations, but in America and the Western society it is more of a form of expression. There are many variations to the nose ring there is the nose stud, nose screw, L-shape/bendable nose ring, and the fish tail nose ring. Since every nose is different it is important to find the right nose ring that will fit comfortably. The fish tail nose ring is a wise option. Why? Well the fishtail resembles the nose bone except it doesn’t have the knob on the end and it is more than twice the size of the nose bone. Fish tails are great because they are so long that they can be worn as is, or they can be customized to comfortably fit your nose. To have a fish tail customized you should see a professional piercer to properly measure your nose.

The next time you are nose ring shopping and you can’t quite find the right fit, try a fish tail you can’t go wrong.