Nipple rings, eyebrow rings and nose rings are no longer the coolest kids in school. While still popular among Hollywood celebrities, a new piercing is growing in popularity. The tragus piercing, a piercing of the ears tragus is the new hot piercing trend in Hollywood. You may remember Scarlett Johansson sporting a fresh tragus piercing back in 2005, but this piercing is popping up more than ever among Hollywood elite.

The popularity of the tragus piercing has skyrocketed in the last few years and is quickly replacing belly rings as the hot new piercing for Hollywood stars! Tragus piercings have been seen on such celebrities as:

  • Singer Rihanna doesn’t only rock nipple rings, but this Barbados bred bombshell has also been spotted with a
    tragus piercing
  • American Pie babe Shannon Elizabeth has been spotted numerous times rocking a super cool tragus piercing.
  • Actress/Singer Lucy Hale has been spotted at numerous red carpet events with her tragus piercing stealing the spotlight.
  • It’s no surprise that the pop badass Pink rocks a tragus piercing along with her nose rings and nipple rings!
  • Nicole Ritchie rocks a tragus piercing as well as some Airport red flag nipple rings.
  • Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat has been spotted wearing a trendy tragus piercing on multiple occasions.

Have you spotted tragus piercings on your favorite Hollywood stars?