Over the last few years body piercing has exploded in popularity and entered the mainstream of society. It seems like nearly everybody is sporting some sort of body piercing these days, whether it is a pierced navel, eyebrow, lip, nose or tongue, the traditional ear piercing or other body part that is visible or hidden. If you are considering body piercing, you need to keep hygiene and safety as a top priority on your list. Because if you don’t a piercing can come with some inherent risks. Listed below are a few tips to ensure that your body piercing is done safely and doesn’t result in a potential infection.

Use a Professional Body Piercer

Depending on what type of body piercing you prefer in most cases it is best to use a professional body piercer. Body piercing can be more complicated than merely pushing a needle through a part of your body.

Choose Your Piercing Wisely

Each body type is different, and it is not possible for everybody to successfully pierce their chosen spot. For instance, some people can’t have their tongue pierced because of the orientation of essential blood vessels and nerves. Other individuals who have an outie belly button will unlikely be able to have a piercing done because of that orientation.

The Impact on Your Life

Before you have a piercing done consider the impact it may have on your life. Even though body piercing is more acceptable in today’s society, it is also true that some employers still frown upon the visible piercings. However, if you still choose to get that particular piercing you want, you can cover it during work hours with a piercing retainer.

Select High Quality Jewelry

Select only quality metals that will not cause infection or irritation in your body. Opt for materials such as surgical stainless steel, titanium, sterling silver, and solid gold which is offered by a reputable online body jewelry boutique.

Piercing After-Care Is a Must

Avoid exposing the piercing to sweat, salt water, chlorine water, and excess saliva. These liquids can cause an infection. Along with keeping the piercing dry, make certain to keep the hole clean by using quality products such as anti-bacteria foam soap or PH balanced all natural sea salt spray that can be found at an online body jewelry store such as BodyJewelry.com. When taking proper after-care of your piercing you are able to enjoy it a lot more and not worry about any infections or irritations happening.