It’s a new year, which means new you! And that means, new jewelry and new style!Yeah, you heard me right. New jewelry! I’m sure a lot of you guys are fond of different jewelries like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or even some small sorts of ones, like rings.

In this blog, you will be reading about different types of earrings you must try out this year! Since it’s a new year, it means new you, and that means you need a new look.

Who doesn’t want a new look, right? Because that means glow up. With these earrings, you will be able to give yourself the best glow up ever!

So, let’s go ahead and check out some of the awesome earrings we’ve got in the store!

1. Earrings Stud Round CZ 20G Surgical Steel Earring Piercing

The Earing Stud Rounds are one of the best earrings in my opinion. They’ve got different colors too! There’s white, black, purple, pink, and the spectacular one of all; a multi-color earring set! It looks like a pastel rainbow, trust me. You need to try these out!

2. Pair of Hinged Hoop Earring with Heart Dangle Stainless Steel 20g

These earrings just give the awesome vibe! They look super cool. They even have little hearts attached to them. What are hoop earrings? They’re known for their circular design, and this one is probably one of my favourite hoop earrings! They’ve got yellow, silver, black, a slightly tan, and another multi-color earing! Isn’t that insane? They will start off your year great!

3. 20G Stainless Steel Hinged Hoop Earrings Piercing Drop CZ Moon Dangle Stud Earrings for Women Men

These earrings are for all the moon lovers out there! Looks like this year, you’ve been granted with your wish: Moon Earrings! They come in gold and silver. Isn’t that just exciting? They’re for both genders and are the perfect earrings if you’re going out in the night for a party, like a new year celebration!

4. Brass knuckle ear chain

Okay these earrings are just fire. You need to try them out! They have got the perfect touch and they’re also the best way to start off your new year. They give the angel vibes and can be used for any occasion. Try them out!

5. Pair of Ear Weight Hangers Abalone Shell Inlaid Keyhole Tunnels Plugs Gauges

These earrings are the supreme touch to literally every occasion, especially weddings or parties! They’ve got that really cool design that just sticks in your head every time like super glue.

6. Industrial Barbell NASA-Inspired Night Sky with Star Dangel 316L Surgical Steel 14ga

This is perfect for all those space lovers out there! Love space and NASA and the night sky? Get these earrings! They look awesome and it’s another great way to start off the new year!

7. 16G Flat Back Cartilage Earring 316L surgical steel CZ Stud Earrings Helix Conch Daith Piercing Jewelry 1/4″

If you’re a fan of the color purple, you’re going to enjoy these earrings! They give a supreme lavender vibe which and they’re just really pretty! Consider getting there.

8. Flat Back Studsfor Labret Monroe Cartilage Whale design

These earrings are spectacular, especially if you love the ocean! Fan of whales? Then these are just the missing pieces from your life puzzle!

9. Cartilage Tragus Titanium Twister Earring

These earrings are ‘twister’dorable! Get it? They look so cute, and in my opinion, their spectacular for going to the arcades and stuff. It’s another great way to start off your year, and your new year parties and arcade visits!

10. Pair of Gold IP Plated Gem Paved Christmas Wreath Stud Earrings Surgical Steel 20ga

Didn’t get these for last year and now you regret not getting them? It’s alright- you can put these in your Wishlist and then buy it one week before Christmas! They’re spectacular and suitable for both occasions: Christmas eve and Christmas.

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