Body modifications, such as tattoos and body piercings, are a great way to express your personality. If you’re looking to make an addition to your existing body piercings, you’d be glad to know that there are many options out there. However, at times, the vast number of choices available can make it all the more challenging to settle on a particular type of body piercing. This is mainly because no one wants to end up with an unattractive body piercing.

The Practice of Body Piercings

For years, piercings have been subjected to a lot of controversies and negativity despite being an ancient traditional practice for a number of communities across the globe. However, piercings hold a substantial place in the lives of many. By playing a vital role in expressing one’s personality, piercings can really help bring a change in people’s lives. That being said, it is a great option to embrace different types of piercings with open arms, especially if you believe they will represent who you are.

Where Should I Get My Piercing?

When it comes to body piercings, the choice of location should largely be determined by your personality and preferences. Another consideration is choosing between an intimate and visible body piercing. While some people choose to get intimate body piercings for sexual pleasure, others opt for general body piercings to flaunt openly.

Let’s have a look at some of the most attractive piercings to help you get a better idea.

The Most Attractive Piercing

Belly Button Piercing

According to many surveys conducted primarily with on a male audience, it was found that out of all piercings, men find belly button or navel piercings with rings to be the most attractive piercing. A woman’s navel is generally considered to be an incredibly attractive spot; adorning it with a beautiful belly ring can most certainly enhance its beauty.

Other Attractive Piercings

Although belly piercings are considered to be the most attractive piercings, there are many other piercings that look great as well. If you don’t want to opt for a navel piercing, here are some other attractive piercings that you can consider.

Lip Piercing

Offering a sensual appearance, lip piercings are one of the most attractive piercings that can grab just about anyone’s attention.

Tongue Piercing

Not only does a tongue piercing double as a fashion statement, but it also serves as an intimate piercing that can be quite handy in the bedroom.

Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercings are one of the sexiest piercings for all the right reasons. This top choice is great for those who are looking to spice things up while settling for something unique.

The Bottom Line

There is no unattractive piercing. It is important to understand that what looks good on one may not be suitable for another. You must need to consider other factors before rushing into getting a body piercing. There is more to a piercing than just simply choosing a body spot that you think will look most attractive.