As we know body piercings are used as a form of self expression, but you should be aware of the risks that come along with oral piercings. Your mouth contains millions of bacteria and infections you have to make sure to keep your mouth as clean as possible at all times. In some cases you can crack a tooth or wear down your gums with body jewelry if you aren’t careful.

The tongue web piercing also known as the tongue frenulum piercing is an oral body piercing that goes underneath the tongue which is known as the frenulum linguae. This piercing cannot be performed on everyone, depending on the person’s anatomy and if they have enough frenulum to pierce. Like other oral piercings if taken care of properly it tends to heal fairly quickly. The aftercare of this piercing is extremely important as this piercing will come in contact with everything that enters your mouth. Smoking can cause irritation and should be avoided during the healing process.

The Tongue web piercing is typically pierced with a short barbell and can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to heal. You should follow the aftercare instructions of your piercer to make sure the healing process goes smoothly.


The frowny piercing is another body piercing that is found in the mouth, it is the process of piercing through the lower lip frenulum. This is the area where the center of the lower lip meets the gums. Like the tongue web piercing this is a covered piercing and can’t usually be seen. The frowny can be pierced with a short barbell or with a small captive bead ring.

Like any other oral piercings this piercing also heals very quickly, you should avoid smoking during the healing process as this can lead to slowing down the healing process and irritation. The downside of this piercing is that it is so close to the teeth that it can cause erosion of the teeth and gums so if you see any change in your gums or teeth consult your piercer or dentist immediately. The frowny piercing usually takes 4- 12 weeks to completely heal.