By Megan Z.

 Piercing Experience

I have many piercings; double ear lobe, double tragus, rook, cartilage, nipples, double belly button, sternum dermal, vertical clitoral hood and inner labia. Just by looking at me, you wouldn’t be able to tell I have am a crazy piercing lady. I do not have any facial piercings due to my profession. Once I get my business started and establish a good customer market, I want to get my nose pierced.
What I have learned about getting pierced up is to be smart about it. If you know you won’t get a job due to a piercing, do not get it! It’s the saddest thing to take out a piercing forever. Also, if you are extremely nervous to get a “personal piercing” just do it!!! Take your significant other or a best friend with you! And make sure you go to a very reliable place. As long as any piercing is performed correctly, it will be fine. My “personal piercings” are my absolute favorite piercings. Also, please please do some research about the potential piercing you want! I had a friend that wants going with me to get “that one ear piercing I had.” She did not even know the name of it! Each piercing is a unique. Please know what you are getting in to. There is so much information on the internet about each piercing. It is very easy to learn about them! It is also important to know the future of your piercing. Whether or not you can hide it for future jobs or it will be out in the open with no way of hiding it is a very important thing to know. Also, research where you want your piercing done. Make sure the piercer has done many of the specific piercing so you know no mistakes will be done.
Getting new piercings make me very happy! I am happy to have my favorite piercing place and lucky they are not super expensive. I also have 3 tattoos. I feel the same “rules of thumb” apply to tattoos as well as piercings. I love all my body modifications and did plenty of research upon research to make sure it is what i wanted. Yes, they did hurt and no, I will never regret them.