Most people get their ears pierced at a very young age. In fact, you will find many little girls with ear piercings at elementary schools. With time, the ear-piercing trends change, and people are attracted to more unusual ear piercings.

Your Guide to Ear Piercings

Ear piercings are not limited to females anymore. They have become widely popular among young boys and men of all ages. They are closely associated with pop culture. You will notice the standard ear lobe piercing among famous men, including Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, and even Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ear Lobe Piercing

A lobe piercing is the most common type of ear piercing. It involves a hole in the lowest area of the ear lobe. You can spice up your standard ear lobe piercing by adding another piercing on your upper ear lobe area. The upper ear lobe piercing can add an elegant touch to your ears with a small stud worn above the standard ear lobe piercing.

Tragus Piercing

The tragus is the round part of cartilage above the ear canal. Getting your tragus pierced is a sleek and stylish way to make your ear piercing stand out. You can put a stud or a ring around your tragus piercing for an edgy look.

Anti-Tragus Piercing

The anti-tragus piercings involve the smaller area of your ear adjacent to the tragus. It sits above the ear lobe, leaving a lot of space between your standard ear lobe piercing and anti-tragus piercing. You can only wear a stud around an anti-tragus piercing as an earring would not go along with this unique piercing.

Helix Piercing

The helix piercing is situated on the uppermost part of your ear. You can jazz it up with any jewelry.

Industrial Piercing

An industrial piercing requires two holes in the opposite parts of your ear. For example, you can add one piercing on the outward area of the helix and the second one on your helix area closer to your head. You can wear a barbell around these two piercings to connect them.

Daith Piercing

The piercing on the long, thin area of your cartilage within the middle part of your ear above the tragus is called a Daith piercing. You can choose a chunky hoop, dangling, or a simple earring to your daith piercing.

Snug Piercing

A snug piercing sits on the fold of your cartilage within the middle part of your ear across the tragus. It can hold all kinds of jewelry that can fit into your snug piercing.

When considering a new ear piercing for yourself, you need to know if you would be comfortable having it or not. If you are a working professional, ensure that your workplace allows such unusual ear piercings or not. If you have a low pain tolerance for new piercings, you should consider the least painful ones to fulfill your fashion needs with comfort at the same time.