Ear lobe piercings are the traditional piercings that we are use to seeing, but when it comes to body piercings there are so many different piercings that can be done in just the ear alone. We are going to give you a break down of a few piercings that are done in the ear this week.

Industrial Piercing– is a piercing done through the upper ear cartilage. Two separate piercing are joined together by one barbell. The industrial piercing is usually placed toward the forward helix and the other hole is usually further down on the cartilage of the ear. The industrial piercing is typically done with a 14 gauge needle and a standard barbell is worn during the healing process. Industrial piercings usually take about 3 months to one year to fully heal, like other cartilage piercings this piercing can be very painful compared to the conventional ear lobe piercing.


Helix Piercing- The helix piercing is located on the upper part of the ear; it is usually pierced with a stud or captive bead ring. The helix piercing can be a painful piercing like any other cartilage piercing. The helix piercing can take up to a year to completely heal. Like any other piercing you should care for your cartilage piercing the same way. Clean it twice a day and do not touch it unless you have to, and if you do please make sure that your hands are clean.