For generations people across the world have been piercing, marking and modifying their bodies to signify their culture, belief, uniqueness, togetherness, religion, and more. Tongue piercings are one of the single most common piercings discussed in Western societies. Interestingly enough, they are also the piercing that carries the strongest potential for risk. This is because of the location of the jewelry in proximity to the teeth and also the due to the vast amount of bacteria the exits in the mouth.

Of the possible negative effects of tongue piercing, the most common are:

• Infection caused by improper cleaning or bacteria
• Chipped, cracked, broken teeth
• Receding or damaged gums
• Nerve or muscle damage from untrained piercer

That is not to say that most, if not all, of these risks are not completely avoidable by following proper hygiene and aftercare procedures. Initially, the type of jewelry used for a tongue piercing is the decision of the body piercing professional. However, after the piercing has healed, there is a large number of options available.

Where to buy tongue rings

Historically, anyone wanting to purchase a tongue ring that was different from the barbell provided to them by the piercer would be required to visit a tattoo parlor or piercing shop as it was not common for retailers to carry an inventory of body jewelry. However, with the modern world becoming more acclimatized to and accepting of those with body modifications body jewelry can be found in shopping malls, flea markets, beauty salons, and even gift shops across the nation.

For those from smaller towns or those wanting a larger selection, the most beneficial place to buy tongue rings is online. The Internet is home to thousands of websites and eCommerce stores specializing in the sale of body jewelry. There are many key advantages to shopping online for tongue rings and other jewelry. The most beneficial are,

• A larger inventory of jewelry, in a wider variety of color and metals
• The potential for bigger discounts since your often buying at wholesale pricing
• The convenience of being able to shop from home
• The luxury of having products delivered straight to your door

Shopping online is not without its disadvantages as well. While being able to shop from the convenience of your couch is tempting, doing so does mean having to wait for products to be delivered to you.