Dating back over 2000 years ago, Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival. The Celts would celebrate their new year on October 31. It marked the ending of summer and the beginning of a cold dark winter, it was a time that was associated with the death rate. At the festival people would light bonfires and wear costumes in hopes of chasing off restless spirits of the roaming ghosts. It was a time when the darker half of the year was celebrated from October 31 at sundown to sun rise November 1. Later on in the eight century November 1 was set aside by Pope Gregory III to honor all of the saints and martyrs, the evening before this day was known as all Hallows’ eve. Over time the holiday grew into a secular celebration that is celebrated all over the world. Halloween is a community event are trick or treating, there are costume and Halloween parties where people of all ages dress up as characters.


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