The body jewelry industry has been in a frenzy for a hot new commodity designed for those with septum piercings. The septum clicker is extremely popular due to its convenience and not having to screw any body jewelry together. Changing your septum piercing can be pretty challenging in itself and not having to screw any end beads is pretty amazing! With the comfort and simplicity of the new septum clicker it would be hard to not become obsessed with it. The septum clicker simply glides through your septum and closes with a easy click! The septum clicker is available in a 14 gauge or 16 gauge in select styles.  If you have your septum pierced this is a must add to your body jewelry collection. The septum clicker is a comfortable yet fashionable item, most septum clickers come embellished with cz gems with many different colors to choose from. The septum piercing has become so popular, a once tribal piercing is now a main stream facial piercings today. This piercing adorns the faces of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Lady Gaga. The septum clicker is fashion forward piece that would be a great accessory to add to your septum ring collection.

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